Near six decades on this planet, so I’m old and I ramble on.  I am neither an amateur or professional writer, instead I ramble.  A one time friend used to tell me that everything I wrote was ‘too long’.  I have never managed the skill or talent to hold a readers attention as well as ‘keeping it brief’ while still being able to make my point.

I have reached a point in my life where I am going to say what I think needs to be said.  I am not saying ‘to hell with political correctness’ and I am not saying ‘to hell with manners.’  What I am saying is that when you see a person with their hair on fire you don’t first say ‘excuse me’ and then wait for a response, you just throw the water on their head and hope they understand afterward.

As to that ‘understanding’, I don’t care.  Thank you for your comments, both good and bad.  However the internet can be a toxic environment, so I am shutting off the comment section whenever possible.  This blog is my point of view, my ramblings, and if you have comments or a point of view you wish to share please feel free to start up your own blog.

The Latin translation of Vetus Tristis is ‘old sad’ or thereabouts.  I believe in the anonymity of the internet.  I believe it is easier to say what you truly think and/or believe if you do not have to worry about a fanatic showing up on your doorstep to violently prove to you that you are wrong.  Much like the first amendment, that anonymity is too often misused.  I hope, in my case, this will not be true.