Hi world its Me Vetus

My name is Jeff Chastain, and recently I have been accused of being a ‘GOP mole’ or a ‘Russian Troll’ on Twitter.  I am (or was) a member of #RESIST.  Except that I have been accused of all sorts of things.


For some background I am 57 years old, white, raised in Indiana, born at Fort Benjamin Harrison. My father was a career soldier that fought in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.  He was evacuated from Dong Ha Vietnam on March 1968 and Died in November of 1968.  I am the youngest of four, and both my brothers have served honorably in the United States Military as career soldiers.


I am an independent, always have been.  I have always believed we work better when we work together to come at a problem with different solutions from different directions, no one, and no one party has all the right answers.


Somehow being an independent has labeled me a ‘BernieBro’ which I honestly have no idea what the hell that is.  I like some of Sen. Sanders ideas and disagree with others.  However, being a ‘BernieBro’ automatically labels me as a Sexist and a misogynist for some reason, both of those I agree with.  I am a sexist and a misogynist, but I’m working on it, sometimes to get better, sometimes to get worse.


Being raised in a Military family I was quickly introduced to Republican viewpoints.  Strong Defense, law and order, and all that.  However my parents also showed me that many of the people my father depended on for his life in the military (NCO get together at our home) were People of Color, so I got other values as well.


I voted for Reagan, twice even though I agreed more with Will Rogers than with Reagan about his ‘Trickle down’ Economics.  I voted for George Bush (the first one), Dukakis had his scandal and that stupid tank ride and It was impossible to support the guy.  I voted for Clinton, twice, as to his scandal(s) there a number of things I did not agree with, but the blow-job wasn’t one of them, the sexist and misogynist part of me says ‘it’s good to be the king’ as Mel Brooks said.  But I could no longer support the first George Bush nor could I support Bob Dole and his Republican platform.  I voted for Al Gore (even through my personal dislike for the guy) and John Kerry and I have voted for John McCain in every presidential primary in Indiana he has been in.


I believe the highest level of integrity in a politician that I have seen during my years was shown by John McCain when he spoke up for his opponent Barack Obama, after Obama was called ‘an Arab’.


However my son asked me to go listen to Obama speak downtown Indianapolis.  Oh he wasn’t there, Indiana is a bleeding red state, It was on of those gatherings where you watch him on TV.  Later I watched and I watched again and I liked what I heard.  I voted for Obama both terms and never regretted it, hell I have been thankful for his service.


I did not vote for Trump, and I did not vote for Hillary.  I have great issues with both of them, we put the scandal king of republicans up against the scandal queen of the democrats.


I believe in the Constitution, all of it.  I believe in the death penalty but I also believe in a free press that can ask ‘should we kill this person’.  You are going to kill someone, of course someone should stand up and question it, hellfire I would be worried if no one did.  I believe in the 2nd amendment, and taught my children about firearms and how to shoot at an early age.  Rural America is different from the city, when my father in law had a heart attack the fire department transported him to the paramedics (still on the highway in route to us) instead of waiting, that alone may have saved his life.  And in rural America you cannot count on a law enforcement person to show up 30 seconds after you call to report a break-in.  I also believe in a woman’s right to choose, abortion is horrible and personally I think men should shut up and let the women decide but the reality is I do not think any woman should be forced to carry a child because of incest, rape, or even a ‘mistake/decision’.  God knows in 57 years I have made many mistakes and wouldn’t want to be forced to carry the result inside me for the next 10 months. Again, IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION, so I support it, and I support equal pay for women, personally I think that women’s rights are still somewhere around 1950, when women are being forced to ‘be quiet’ even in our Senate and our House of Representatives.  Its ridiculous.


The current President has so many offenses I find it hard to list them all, he has taken bribes, has not divested himself, he has obstructed justice, and has denied Americans the right of the free press by telling the Press to shut off their cameras.  The only reason I can see for doing this is so that the press do not have video of him or his subordinates telling more lies.


So being a ‘GOP Troll’ is not true.  I cannot support the current GOP, hell I will probably never vote Republican ever again.  America is and always will be a great country, but it has given up its leadership to another country.  It has made the state department and diplomacy defunct by firing nearly all the regular diplomatic teams and analysts as well as firing all the US Attorneys in the DOJ.  They are currently deconstructing our Government (you are not redesigning a building with a wrecking ball, you are destroying it)..


As far as being a ‘Russian Troll’, Russia sent aid in weapons, machinery, etc. To Vietnam during the Vietnam conflict, helping to kill over 58,000 American Soldiers.  Do you really think I would aid the country that I hold partly responsible for the death of my father?   Vladimir Putin was a member of the KGB.  The KGB supported terrorists, such as Carlos the Jackal.  Currently the Russians are supporting the Taliban in Afghanistan AGAINST US TROOPS.  Let me say that again THE RUSSIANS ARE CURRENTLY SUPPORTING THE TALIBAN AGAINST UNITED STATES MILITARY PERSONEL.








The Republicans had a very hard line against the Russians until the Trump nomination. But no more, now the republicans think that the Russians are our friends? Well if you supposedly support the troops currently in Afghanistan, I would rethink your Russian friends.


Not a ‘Russian Troll’ either.


We have been lied to by the President of the United States, his lies fill an entire page of a newspaper.  And he tweets more lies daily, just recently I counted three lies in a single tweet.  We have been lied to by the Vice President, and we have been lied to by nearly the entire cabinet, some of which have lied under oath committing perjury.


The people who were supposed to watch over us, to guard us, OUR REPRESENTATIVES, in the Senate and the House of Representatives have failed to act.  They have sat on their hands and done nothing, either out of fear of retribution by the president or the GOP or for party loyalty.  The speaker of the house (Paul Ryan) and Senate Majority leader (Mitch McConnell) knew of this and they did NOTHING, and THEY LIED to the American People.  Not only did they fail to do their job and defend us and the constitution but they lied to all of us, and blackmailed us (with health care).  The Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, lied about a conversation about Russia when confronted, when told there was a transcript AGAIN he lied, and finally when told there was a recording he said ‘Oh it was a bad joke’.   Sorry, but when you lie, and lie, and lie again your integrity is in question Mr. Speaker, I do not believe you.


Representative Brad Sherman has introduced the articles of impeachment in the House of representatives.  For those of you who have been standing against this regime so far, thank you, but now is the time WE ALL NEED TO STAND UP.  If you call yourself patriotic, if you support our troops, if you believe in America, Call your representatives in the House and Senate and demand that they support Representative Sherman.


It is time we got rid of this farce that they call a ‘Presidential Administration’.  Impeach the current administration and let the investigations continue, and let us and the new President get on with the business of governing.


They went on Twitter and admitted to working with the Russians, they went on Fox and bragged about breaking Federal law yet they are not in Jail?  The President and his family are NOT ABOVE THE LAW.


It is time we took back the Presidency that was stolen from the American People.


My Name is Jeff Chastain, and My Twitter handle is ‘Vetus Tristus’.  Now I like my privacy, always have.  I was involved in computers for many years and I know the dangers of letting out too much information.  However my integrity has been questioned, as I have questioned the integrity of the Republicans and of this President, and his administration.  So this is who I am.


Normally I stay anonymous, it keeps the nutbags from my door in a bleeding red state, but here it is, and here I am, this should make it a lot easier to find me if you come looking.


To the nutbags and other assorted folks:  One minor point though, if you come for me, to shut me up, to stop my first amendment rights to free speech, remember, I believe strongly in the 2nd amendment.  My recommendation is that, if you come for me, come heavy, because I am fighting not just for me, but for my country.


LEOs and others need not worry, I am generally a law abiding citizen.


Jeff Chastain aka Vetus Tristus