So I guess I should vote Republican?


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It is a damn shame.  I sit here looking at the wanton destruction of my country.  I see the GOP and Republicans of every flavor from moderate conservative to the bat shit crazy republicans that the GOP tries to hide from the media.  None of them are doing anything to stop this, instead they are riding the wave, passing whatever legislation they can under the cover of Trumps misdirection.  I told myself I would never vote for another Republican, never again after seeing their failures in protecting the country from Trump.   However it seems that I have been told by Democrats to ‘STFU’ to use the acronym.

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finger-pointing - CopyIt seems I’m personally to blame for Trump.  In my state Trump pulled 57% and Hillary pulled 38%, and if 5% of us that did not vote for Hillary, if we would have just shut up and followed along blindly then Trump would not have gotten elected.  That’s a great theory until you do the math (38% + 5% is NOT greater than 57%).  Then they say “Well, people like you, in those other states, states where it mattered, where…”  Yes, your statement that I am to blame, it is all my fault, is now a generalized statement, oh you weren’t talking about me specifically, or even my state, or the millions of others like me who are not to blame.  You are talking about those other people that really matter, the ones you pointed your finger at and blamed, just those others, right.  Very emotional argument you have there, um, look upward and do the math again please.

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Democrats cant get it together.  It is still a rehash of the 2016 primary.  It is still a rehash of all that crap that was exposed by releasing the hacked emails from the DNC.   I’ve been told Hillary is ‘Fabulous’ and to get behind her.  And when I bring up that I did a write in for Bernie Sanders then I am labeled a ‘Bernie Bot’ whatever that seems to be.  It seems we are fighting the same 2016 battles, and losing all over again.  We lost, America lost, and Donald Trump is the President and you can scream “Not My President” just like the racist bastards down the street from me did four eight years while Obama was President, it didn’t change anything for them and it wont change it for you.

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Today I saw someone accuse Bernie Sanders of working with Russia (it has become fashionable to accuse everyone, from politicians, supporters, even journalists, of Russian collusion, usually without evidence).  So I asked for evidence, was this actual collusion they were claiming or just unwitting accomplice in the Russian active measures.  The reply was a GIF of a little girl saying ‘why can’t we have both?”  So I replied to the little girl in the GIF and said, they were pretty much mutually exclusive and evidence would be nice and by the way it was a nice tutu that she was wearing.  This is where I was labeled a ‘Sexist Bernie Supporter’ and blocked.  I did reply that she should get it right and say ‘misogynist sexist Bernie supporter’ but I was already blocked by then.  And, not surprising, no evidence of any type was produced.

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What I saw during the 2016 election was ‘no clear message’, ‘no clear agenda’.  Truthfully what I saw was a candidate that came in after a bruising battle of scandals, not beaten by democrat opponent but by the media and the republicans.  And after the nomination it was more of the same.  When you get hit, you hit back harder, ‘turn the other cheek’ approach doesn’t work in American politics.  But you cannot use intelligence and math to fight an emotional argument, as we see above it doesn’t work.  What I saw was a candidate getting battered and bruised because there was no emotion, no feeling, and worse yet, no sincerity in the message.

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In 2018 my state has a Democrat incumbent Senator who won his last election 50% to 44%.  Being a republican state every State Republican has his/her eye on that seat, and given that Trump carried the state by 20 points, it is a really good chance that my only Democrat Senator will lose.  Again, its a Republican state, so I don’t see the DNC or DCCC running in with buckets of cash to help.  On the other hand, it is a Republican state and my Democrat Senator does listen to his constituents, therefore many times he votes accordingly.  Actually the Senator fights like hell for his constituents, I know a couple of Veterans that he worked to help along with a college student who he helped on a few issues.  However, the fact that he has voted with the Republicans will get him labelled a ‘fake Democrat’ or some such, if nothing else it should reduce the money he gets for re-election.


crowd-running - CopyThe Democratic party, the ‘party of inclusion’, spends a lot of time lately ‘not including’ people.  If you are an independent then you can either brand yourself a democrat, or worse yet a ‘Hillary’ democrat or you can GTFO.  If you are a ‘Bernie Bot’ then you are still ‘bernt’ or ‘berning’ and ‘The democrats don’t need you.’  I still do not see a clear message or agenda from the Democrats.  I see Tom Perez and Bernie Sanders going around the country saying ‘we need your vote, we represent you.’  Shortly thereafter, when those people login to Facebook or twitter or wherever to be told to ‘shut up and get in line and conform’ by other members of the party, their reactions somewhat vary but most have one thing in common.   Let’s just say they are running away in droves, Trump doesn’t look as bad when you start comparing him with what you see inside the Democratic Party.  Then I am told “But you have to vote with us, you have too.”  and the answer is, uh no I don’t.ScreenShot_20170420131538Those are the numbers folks, the math.  One of the numbers not shown I gleaned from some primary information, 14%.  In the 2014 primary, where they pick the candidates, the turnout overall was 14%.  That is one in seven people, who actually voted.  One in seven people voted in the primary to pick their candidate.  The biggest complaint in the 2014 election after that was that the candidates did not reflect the voters values.  Now it is hard to have a candidate that reflects your values if you don’t go to the primary and vote for them, but politics and elections have never been required to make sense, just look at where we are now.

Historically I would say you will get somewhere between 35% and 40% turnout for the 2018 election.   If you get more I will truly be shocked.  Even when Obama was running and Bush had made a complete hash of things, there was only a 2% increase, from 55% at the 2004 Presidential election to 57% for 2008 election.  So if the Democrats are looking to flip some seats, to use Trump to attempt to regain control of the Senate and use that to block Trump, you have your work cut out for you.

However, you aren’t going to do it by pushing voters away.  You aren’t going to do it by pulling out the same arguments, rehashing the same fights you have been for the past year or years.  And you damn sure aren’t going to do by saying that ‘we have to.’  because it is pretty obvious that we don’t have to.  Unless we see a clear concise message coming from the democrats you aren’t going to pull the people you need, you can’t just rely on a ‘anti-trump’ platform to work.  Trump took my state by 20 points, running just an ‘anti-Trump’ platform here will guarantee that the one Democrat Senator we have loses.

You need these people, you need moderate republicans, you need independents, you need anyone you can get, and you should be welcoming them with open arms.  You should be talking about changing the world, changing the guard from old to new, moving ever forward to making a better world, etc..  There should be a dozen new people talking about running in 2018 and more talking about 2020.  There should be a clear strong message that the Democrats are for the working class, the middle class, and any other class that needs the help (emphasis on ‘needs the help’)  But all the infighting and rehashing, all the crap blame, and all the name calling, and how all these people that are coming into the democratic party are the reason we have Trump in the first place, they are to blame why do we want them and they better by God get in line and do what we say?  Yeah why do you need us, or maybe a better question is why do we need you?  Worst case, we either stay home or vote Republican.  Personally this is the second time I’ve been told to either STFU or GTFO by democrats, last time I did the GTFO and did a write in for Bernie, so GTFO works for me.

I strongly recommend you dump the Hillary rhetoric, and do not think that it will replay well in 2020.  Hillary lost to Trump, if she can’t beat Trump the first time I doubt she will a second time, oh yes I know it is sad and painful and none of it was her fault (/sarcasm) but get a grip and realize that party is over.  Both Sanders and Clinton are done, your horse came up lame, time to pick a new horse for the race.   You should probably only use Sanders to pull the millennials back into the fold seeing as the young voters are the future of the Democratic party and maybe should get a voice, and maybe some of the old party hacks should just shut up like you keep telling me to.  I will see you in 2018, and it is anyone’s guess how I will vote then, but you wont see a single donation from me until I see a party that is working together.  Hell maybe I will do a write in for Pat Paulsen for President again.

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