Blame, Blame, Who is to Blame?

Feu purificateur - CopyBlame, Blame, Who is to Blame or better yet who do we get to burn at the stake?

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There seems to be an inordinate amount of time on the Internet spent blaming people for the fiasco that we commonly refer to as ‘Trump’.  So far I have seen people throwing blame around like it was paint, paint that they are attempting to use to cover the awful truth.  That awful truth that they wish to hide is that they are in part responsible for bringing the tangerine torture to term.

Now do not get me wrong, finding out the where, when, who, and how are very important.  Primary importance is the Russian cyber-attack on our country, specifically on our election, finding out how it was done so that we can make sure it never occurs again. Secondary is finding out who was working with the Russians, whether it was knowingly working with them (you traitorous bastards) or as unwitting accomplices (you stupid idiots).   However, that is called ‘determining what happened’, it is not called blame.  Blame is when you scream like a five year old and point your finger saying “THEY DID IT MOMMY!  IT’S THEIR FAULT!”.  Blame serves no purpose other than making you feel superior by making someone else feel worse.

mary-poppins-practically-perfect-in-every-way - CopySo here we are in 2017 nearing the first 100 days of the Trump administration and we are wondering how in hell did we end up with this abomination of an administration in our White House.  We blame the voters.  We blame the voters that voted for Trump and we blame the voters that didn’t vote for Hillary (anyone who voted third party or did a write in vote).  We blame the Russians.  And mostly we blame everyone but ourselves, because obviously we are superior and this is in no way our fault, we are practically perfect in every way.  Right? (thank you Mary Poppins)

There is a  lot of blame to go around, so let us throw some around.  Let us spread a little manure and see if we can make something grow out of it.

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Our Government, The Obama Administration, The President, Our Representatives in the Congress and Senate, and the Intelligence Community.

ScreenShot_20170416093350 - Copy.pngFBI Director Comey stated that there has been an open, active investigation into Russian interference with the 2016 election (and collusion) since July 2016.  It has been reported that information was given to Obama administration officials as early as 2015.  This was determined to be of ‘Director’ level importance.   Meaning the Director of GCHQ gave the information to John Brennan, Director of the CIA.  As information was discovered or gathered or however it was obtained after that, eventually this led to the CIA Director having meetings with was is referred to as the ‘Gang of Eight’ or ‘Great Eight’.  These are eight members of Congress that deal with the intelligence community.  In 2015 the ‘Great Eight’ would have been: ScreenShot_20170416111945 - Copy.png

Now you are saying ‘oh wait no way, they have been saying they knew nothing about this.’   These are our representatives, our elected officials who knew before the election that this was going on.  These representatives knew about key points of this in September of 2016, at least a month before the election.

Now it is quite true that it would have looked terribly political if in September of 2016 then President Obama held a press conference and laid this whole of this mess at the feet of Donald Trump.  It would have been a scandal of scandals.  It would be a scandal that would never go away, it would be talked about in future elections for centuries.  It would have severely compromised any investigation and made getting a criminal conviction nearly impossible, as well as alerting our enemies to the extent of exactly what we knew about what they were doing.  Oh and there was that minor point that no one, no one with a brain believed that Donald Trump would win the election.  Not to mention that then President Obama would have forever tarnished his presidency and his term in office with this scandal.  President Obama would not be known for eight years of a successful administration, he would not be remembered for having given US citizens quality healthcare in the form of Obamacare, he would not be remembered for having won the Nobel Peace Prize.  President Obama would have gone down in history as the President who accused a member of the other party and a candidate for the Presidency of the United States, as a Russian Spy in one of the most colossal politically motivated scandals of all time.  It might be possible to have the scandal mitigated because at least four members of the opposing party knew the truth, it might be possible if those four members stood with him at the podium and said “Yes, this is a bipartisan effort to save our country from this traitorous bastard Russian spy.”  But hey, in today’s political atmosphere that type of heroism, that type of cooperation, that type of patriotism no longer exists in Washington D.C..  Truthfully I doubt it was even mentioned out loud as an option.

There is an old rule at the FBI.  It actually was used a few times when Bobby Kennedy was the Attorney General of the United States, and I assume a few times since then.  When, during a legal and authorized wiretap, the FBI would overhear a Mob boss or someone ordering a ‘hit’ on some competitor Mob boss or underling, they were obliged to go and inform the guy. ScreenShot_20170416100610 - Copy So in the above fictional case, the FBI would be required to seek out ‘Mario Two Tone’ and inform him that someone was coming to kill him.   On one hand this was terrible for the FBI because they knew that eventually it would get back to someone, and their ‘wiretap’ would be discovered.  However, it was deemed that human life, even a scumbag like our fictional Mario was more important than getting a conviction, they could always find something else and get the conviction for something else later.

So why was nothing said?  Why was our nation, our Republic, put at risk of this great orange disaster?  Why was a ‘possible Enemy Agent’, a person ‘Possibly in collusion with a foreign agency/government during a attack (cyber) on the United States’ allowed to participate in an election?  Did our country not deserve the same protection that the fictional Mario did?

As far as the Intelligence community is concerned, the top priority of the IC (Intelligence Community) is to protect their assets.  Assets are information and information is the only currency in the Intelligence Community.  The IC is loath to expose a high rated asset when it could get the job done using a lower level asset or better yet by not exposing any assets and letting the information come to light some other way.   As for our representatives, specifically the ‘Gang of Eight’, they have high security clearances so they can see information that usually does not come into the light, but there are also very stiff penalties for revealing that information.

Why not the FBI?  The FBI released information about Hillary Clinton, why would it withhold information about Donald Trump?  As Director Comey has stated, he released information about the investigation into Hillary Clinton (and the emails) because that investigation was either over or nearly over.  As he has also stated, there was nothing overtly criminal about it, his recommendation was to not attempt to prosecute her.  I believe in some ways Director Comey was trying to ‘rescue’ Hillary Clinton.  While he sent a letter to Congress he did not release that letter to the press.  The letter was leaked to the press by someone other than the FBI.

The FBI was conducting two separate types of investigations.   They were conducting criminal investigations, in the hopes of several criminal indictments of a number of Trump staff and even of Trump himself.  The FBI was also conducting a CE or Counter Espionage investigation, the anti spy part of the FBI purview.   This is a large number of investigations, man hours, and information to keep secret, even if you believe that the republican members of the ‘Gang of Eight’ didn’t run straight to the RNC (Republican National Committee). and tell them.  As soon as a ‘press conference’ was held, you could toss all or most of that effort into the nearest trash can.

obama-sad_5-jpg_29544_20121004-791 - CopyThis part of the blame falls on the shoulders of President Obama.  I will admit that many people were standing around telling him that Trump would never be elected so why do it.  It is very possible that people like Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Mark Warner, and even Nancy Pelosi were all telling him that to do it now would be political suicide for his administration and for the democrats as a whole.  At the same time those same people were screaming that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes, and Richard Burr should be able to do something, anything from within the Republican party to stop this.  Obama should have stepped up, yes it would have been political suicide for him, but he should have stepped up and saved the nation before allowing it to fall into the hands of Donald Trump.  It was an Obama decision to make, and he made the decision to not say or do anything until after the election, specifically until after ‘Hillary’ was elected.

Except Hillary wasn’t elected, Trump was elected.  Now to stand up and accuse Trump and his team of collusion et al would look even more political as well as ‘sour grapes’.   This is that great point where hindsight is 20/20 and you suddenly realize the immense nature of your screw-up.  I assume this is about the point where you hear that the Obama administration was scurrying around making sure the information they had was stored everywhere so that the Trump administration could not destroy it all.

The Republicans, the GOP, the Grand Ole Party, The Greedy Bastards, The Judas Party or Party of Judas

Donald Trump wasn’t a republican.  Trump wasn’t anything.  The only political affiliation Trump had at any point and time was the one that would gain him something.  If the party in power in New York was republican then I’m sure he was a republican at that time.  I think if you had opportunity to check you would find that yes Donald Trump made many a political contribution to both parties, very often at the same time, to make sure that he could call on them for ‘favors’ when needed.  Most of his life Donald Trump was a registered Democrat.  So why would the GOP allow him to run as a republican?

I am not talking about conservatives here.  Please, we are no longer a two party system.  On the right we have the right, the conservatives, the far right, the fundamentalist conservatives, the constitutional conservatives, the tea party (extreme fundamentalists), and the omgurbatshitcrazy conservatives.  On the left we have the left, the liberals, the far left, the liberal left, the fundamentalist left, the leftists, the leftist commie pinko socialists, and the omgurbatshitcrazy liberals. This is no longer a two party system, this is  chaos.

So we are not talking about conservatives.  We are no longer a two party system where you can use labels like liberals and conservatives, we have so many derivatives and diverse groups within each group we can no longer be called a two party system.  The Republican party is no longer the same party as Lincoln’s Republican party, or even Ronald Reagan’s Republican Party (that was my Republican Party for a while).  The current Republican party has no thought to helping anyone, not a single solitary American citizen.  Contrary to popular opinion the GOP is not even interested in helping the rich or millionaires or billionaire American Citizens.  The only thing the GOP is interested is in money and power for itself and its elected officials, so it can get more money and power.  These ‘Republicans’ will not denounce home grown terrorism of someone bombing an abortion clinic because it might make them look soft on abortion.  These ‘Republicans’ will say they regret a school shooting but will not denounce it because it might go against guns.  Paul Ryan, speaker of the house, was recorded being ecstatically happy about removing an entitlement from American citizens.  He was orgasmic about the fact that he was stripping healthcare away from many hard working American men and women.  Mostly because it would give tax breaks to rich big Pharma firms, to rich Insurance firms, millionaires and billionaires who would in return fill the coffers of his reelection war chest.  These are Power hungry money grubbing ‘Republicans’ like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan.  The word conservative should never be used in association with them, to call these theives and con artists conservatives is an insult to the American People.

In the beginning there were a number of ways that the RNC (Republican National Committee) could have kicked Trump to the curb.  They could have refused him, denied him at every corner, and ignored him at every turn.   The problem with this is that Donald Trump has money and power and last but not least, Donald Trump was in the public eye vmoney_flying_out_the_window_hg_clr - Copyery regularly.  Donald Trump was a reality Television personality, and that put him in the public eye.  So to deny him, to openly fight with him, was to declare war.  This wasn’t just a tweet storm or three, nobody at the RNC cared about DJTs tweet storms.  This was money, lots and lots of money from powerful backers (like Mercer for one) as well as while they weren’t worried about tweet storms, it is possible that a few of those tweet storms could directly reflect on donations received from the public.  A big tweet fight and the RNC could see money flying out the window.

It is important to remember at the time of the the Republican Convention in July 2016 it is very possible that prominent Republicans like Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, Devin Nunes and Richard Burr already knew of the interference of the Russians.   It is very possible that they had already been informed of the collusion by certain parties withing the Trump campaign with the Russians.  While the RNC had allowed this farce to go on, especially during the debate, when it could have ended it clear and clean.  Now you had the Convention when the RNC could have chosen a legitimate candidate, one not associated with the collusion, or craziness, or blackmail.  So why didn’t they?  Why didn’t the RNC put someone like Lindsey Graham up as the nominee and forced Trump to run as an independent.

Would Trump have run?  Would a narcissistic ass like Trump run as independent knowing that by almost any odds he could not win, and would therefore look like a loser?   Would he run as an independent anyway and hurt the party?  My guess is no, there is no way that Trump wants to fight a battle that he doesn’t already know from the start he will win.  And win at any cost, cheat, steal, beg, borrow, or whatever, and all that has been proven.  If the RNC had forced him to the outside he would have backed out at the end.  If Graham won Trump would have said it was because he helped, if Hillary won then Trump would have taken credit for screwing the Republican party.  Again hindsight is 20/20.

Again, this would require honor and courage to do the right thing.  If Trump had run and split the republican ticket then Hillary would have been guaranteed a win (read up on Ralph Nader’s run for Presidency if you don’t believe me).  Hillary wasn’t was Traitor colluding with Russians but dammit she was Hillary.  And the other thing is Trump brought power and money.  Trump had proved he could sell ice to Eskimos, he could, with a straight face, stand up and lie to people by the thousands  and tens of thousands.  He could say that they would throw every Muslim out of America, and nope, the republicans did not stand up en masse and say ‘um that’s against the first amendment no we cant do that’.  Trump could stand there and say they would build that wall, and republicans did not stand up en masse and say “Um that’s like tens of billions of dollars for a wall along the Rio Grande, are you nuts?”.   Mitch McConnell (remember Mitch was one of those who knew what was going on before everyone else did) Mitch told the republicans that the conservatives could guide Trump, could help Trump, and they could control Trump (I wonder what he meant by control, or if maybe he meant blackmail).

snake_handler_TOO_BIG - Copy.gif

This part of the blame sits squarely with RNC and the GOP.  They knew they had a snake in their midst and instead of scaring it off or fighting it off, they decided to use it.  They used Trump to gain power so that they control both the House of Representatives, the Senate and the Presidency.  However what happens all too often when you try to control a snake is you get bit.  And while they are using Trump as misdirection to ‘deregulate’ as in destroy the environment, and using Trump to ‘save lives’ by de-funding planned parenthood (which is a lie by the way), the GOP is being savaged by the Trump reputation.  Each day that Trumps approval rating goes down, the failure of the Republicans☺ to stop him, to bring this dog to heel as they promised they could, each day brings them closer to their own version of ‘judgement day’, or as we voters refer to it ‘Election Day’.

Hillary, Bernie, The Democrats, The DNC, Bern or Bust & The Idiots

Now I wont sugar coat this, I’m not a fan of HRC.  The truth is I never even thought about her, or gave her the time of day during the first election of Bill Clinton, she was just his wife.  I cared less about her, or the same about her I suppose, than I care about Trumps wife.  I knew she was a lawyer and had worked early in politics and I do remember asking myself why she didn’t run for something?  Why just sit in the shadow behind Bill? But, truth is it was none of my business so I gave it no more thought than I did about Melania working without a visa.

Screen-Shot-2016-01-11-at-3.05.03-PM - Copy.pngThe first big point of my disillusionment with HRC, was at the beginning of Bill Clinton’s term as President, when a reporter asked her a question.  I can’t for the life of me remember the question, I think it was supposed to be probing or funny or both, but HRC’s response was that Bill Clinton’s Presidency was going to be a ‘CO-Presidency’, and I spit my soda half way cross the room.  After a few expletives my response was, “Nobody voted for you, the only team the American people voted for was Clinton/Gore, not Clinton/Clinton.”  My response was that nobody was that stupid.  Except I guess what there was someone that stupid, Bill was that stupid.  Bill put Hillary in charge of Healthcare.  Now I don’t care what anyone says about politics, and the rest of that, putting her in charge of healthcare was the death knell of Healthcare for the Clinton Administration.  There was no way it was going to work, no way the Republicans would let it happen.  She could put together the best single payer system in the world, it could be adopted by 47 other countries as the ‘bible’ of Healthcare systems across the world but the Republicans and the Democrats wouldn’t have given it the time of day because it was ‘The President’s Wife’.  Same is true today, Jared Kushner is an fool, an idiot, and a greedy moron, but if he came up with the greatest middle east peace plan ever seen, everyone, Democrats and Republicans alike would laugh like hyenas and then walk back to their office still laughing.


Other than the Hillarycare fiasco that most of us saw coming, then there was Whitewater.  Most of Whitewater was laid at her feet, whether she was covering for Bill or not who knows or cares, she took the blame.  Then the suicide of The Deputy White House Counsel.  I have been there, by that I mean I was the guy in the dark with the cocked revolver up against his temple.  From personal experience I would have to say it was about a lot more than just a bad day at work, I cannot and will not put that one on HRC.  More recently there have been the Benghazi scandals and oh my god the damn emails.

american-flag-gavel-scales-of-justice - CopyAs for Benghazi, I come from a military family, in the family I grew up you knew that the men around you had made decisions that cost lives.  You make the right decision and maybe everyone lives versus the wrong decision where people die.  Sometimes if you make the right decision less people die than if you made the wrong decision, but people still die.  You never forget, you learn from your decision and you move on, unless someone can show that you were a complete idiot or negligent, at that point you end up in an Article 32 hearing.  The Republicans have to take part of that scandal for their ‘cost cutting’ measures.  I’m not saying she isn’t responsible for the decision that lead to those deaths.  I am saying that she is responsible, just as Donald Trump is responsible for the death of Navy Seal William “Ryan” Owens for his botched Yemen raid.  I am also saying that, that is the price of our government.  Our government makes decisions that lead our people into harms way.  The republicans did hours and hours of investigation on this and other than ‘it was her call’, that was the only thing they could blame her with, making a decision.  Right or Wrong, people died, maybe more or less died if it went another way, no one will ever know, you can guess all you want, you can claim to know, but no one will ever truly know.

As for the stupid email server, it was a stupid idea.  It was a truly horrendously stupid idea.  There are Federal regulations on amazing amounts of things that Federal employees can and cannot do.  I was once at a conference in the IBM building in Chicago 20+ years ago where the coffee machine was free.  You punch a button, hold down the button for cream and/or sugar if you like, the cup drops and out comes a free cup of really crappy coffee, but it was free.  On the front of that machine, in a very official looking, laminated sign, was a decree about how IBM was following Federal Regulation whatever the hell it was and if you were a government employee that fell under this regulation then please feel free to drop by the building and grounds secondary supply office on the third floor (or whatever or wherever that office was) and there you could pay the twenty five cents for your free cup of coffee.  Because of course no Federal Employee was allowed, at the time. to accept anything free from a vendor or supplier, even a cup of crappy coffee valued at one quarter of a dollar.

The Federal Regulations about elections or electioneering, I would say are nearly endless, they aren’t but I’m pretty sure the lawyers that specialize in that sort of thing believe it, and have nightmares about it.  Specifically there are regulations that say Federal resources, like phones, phone lines, email, email servers, email addresses, and all things that belong to the Federal Government cannot and will not be used to garner funds for an election.  Oh I’m not a lawyer, I have no idea what it says exactly, but I am pretty sure that is the drift of it, I wanted to spare you the viewer the serveral hundred thousand pages of legal mumbo jumbo on the subject.  In layman’s terms this means you use your phone to do election calls not the federally supplied phone on your desk, and you make very careful use of the federally supplied email.  Which is why in most cases you will see that the email you at home receive is from ‘friends of ..’, ‘Young democrats/republicans in support of..’, or ‘Hey we are just those people that believe in ..’ and the email you get at home does not come from any email address that ends in , or email address.

In my opinion it was a pretty benign reason to setup the server.  She was attempting to setup an email server that she could use both for work at the State Department and for future plans, those including running for office at a later date.  Basically, in my opinion, she was trying to get around a few regulations and make her life (and maybe her staffs life) easier.   I don’t believe that this was done in an underhanded way, or it was meant to be criminal.  If anything Hillary has proven that she is a very intelligent woman, she would not have done anything this underhanded out in the open like this.  To equate this with being criminal is to say that someone was going to rob the bank, they remembered the shotguns but oh shucks they forgot those masks to hide their faces, oh well what they hell let’s rob the bank anyway.

What she did was try to take the easy way out, to get around the Federal regulations and use her own server for her own purposes, most probably electioneering.  There is the chance that there was a more underhanded version here but nothing has come to light (at this time) and nothing ever will (based on past investigations) beyond the fact that she tried to take an easy way around federal regulations and she paid for it, she paid for it dearly.  Hillary and her staff were ‘extremely careless’, I believe was the FBI quote, on dealing with classified information.  And her server, the server that she had wanted, the benign server that she would use to get around a few ‘over the top’ federal regulations about electioneering, was hacked.  This is where people are screaming at me because I am blaming the victim.  Victim shaming, this is where I am a fictional journalist asking the fictional woman who was allegedly beaten by her fictional husband if she provoked him etc.  The answer is yes, if you are going to call me a pig then I am a pig, but if she had not tried to get around the regulations, the scandal would not have been there.

Simply put, it would have been much more difficult for the Russians to hack the Federal email, instead it would be relatively easier to hack a private Clinton server.  Clinton emails on a federal server would have been available under subpoena and would have been backed up and there wouldn’t be twenty thousand missing emails that Donald Trump could use in his stump speeches.  Is or was this criminal, probably no.  However, Yes, the blame for this scandal can be laid directly at the feet of Hillary Clinton who tried to make her life a little easier and to protect herself, and instead comes out looking like she was working as a sleeper agent for AL-Qaeda, no sorry even a sleeper agent for Al-Qaeda would have gotten better treatment that Hillary received.  By better treatment, I mean better treatment in the media, better treatment by Republicans and yes even by Democrats.

The Talk or ‘How to tell someone that you would rather french kiss Typhoid Mary’

Lets take a break and talk about the Republican National  Committee and the Democratic National Committee.  I am assuming, taking a wild guess that there is one crappy job handled by a ‘Deputy commissioner’ in both organizations.   So when Hugh Hefner walks into the RNC and says he wants to run for something and hey he has money and power, and a backbone readership, oh and he will bring naked and half naked women and men too, well everyone is nice and polite, and they sit down Mr. Hefner and offer him coffee while in the back rooms of the RNC they scream for Deputy ‘Dogg’ or whomever.

Deputy Dogg takes Mr. Hefner aside and thanks him for his support of Republicans and their causes, but, ahem, the whole uh, naked woman thing, and destroying public morals back in the sixties, really isn’t something the Republican Party is ready to embrace.  So thanks for thinking of us, and let us get that parking validated, and ‘You keep thinking Butch, cause that’s what you are good at.’  I mean its easy when you get Congressman Steven King walking in saying he wants to run for President, Dogg takes him aside and tells him that there are probably about 8,000 recordings of him using the ‘N’ word in a derogatory way (it is amazing to me that RNC people actually believe there is another way for them to use that term), and there is no way King will ever be President.  Dogg had it particularly easy when that lay minister wanted to run for Congress and he politely reminded him, “Remember when you lost you faith Reverend?”   “Remember when you were tempted by the flesh Reverend?”  “Reverend specifically remember when you were tempted by the MAN flesh”.  “They found you in a cheap hotel room with two Haitian male prostitutes Reverend, and while your wife has forgiven you, your church has forgiven you, and your congregation has forgiven you, the Republican party is not ever ever going to forgive you”.  All of these are easy compared to telling Donald Trump, the deal maker, to take a flying leap.   Whoever was supposed to give the talk to Donald Trump at the RNC failed miserably, and shouldn’t be allowed to ever give that talk to anyone ever again.

However, we have to assume that the DNC also has a ‘Deputy Dogg’.  This is the guy who escorts democrats to the back room and says “Alderman you got no chance, First your district is solidly Republican and secondly there was that whole embezzlement scandal you had three years ago.  And by the way, you will get no money from anyone or anything that has any connection with us”.  Some Deputy Dogg calls are easier than others as he heads into the DNC back room, “Um yeah that’s wonderful and could I get your autograph for my kids, and oh by the way there are like a thousand YouTube videos of you smoking weed, taking pills, drinking on stage, and even cocaine and heroin use, um, No, just no, thanks for the autograph but you are not going to run for the Senate, Yea no problem send the tickets here if you like, later man.”   And then there is the regular visit, “Uh yes sir, I realize that you are a the only Democratic challenger on the ticket.  I also realize that the Republicans only spend like Ten thousand on this race because this district is solidly their area.  Yes I know the republicans in this seat haven’t even had a challenger in the last two elections, hell they haven’t had a decent challenge in the past two decades.  However, any dime we spend there is wasted, you don’t have a chance, you are metaphorically pissing on a forest fire.  We appreciate your effort, and your spirit but No we cannot help but we do wish you good luck and if it helps use our name, grab a couple of bumper stickers as you head out of the office.”

Anyone remember Michael Dukakis?  They drag out his tank video when they talk about Presidential elections, they talk about his scandal, his one scandal, a picture of him on a dock with a pretty girl (not his wife) sitting on his lap, and they talk about his debate.  But where is Michael Dukakis, he failed one time at running for President against Bush, so why not a second time?   He is nowhere in politics especially not in a Presidential race because you want your candidate to be pristine and clean, scandal free, at least at the beginning of the Presidential race.  Given today’s politics, either side can make a successful scandal out of what toothpaste you use, so forget being scandal free after the race.  But before the race, before everything is started, Deputy Dogg takes a few of the contenders to the back room and says, ‘you wont live thru this, we know about these scandals and they will know.  They will pull these skeletons out of the ground and they will nail them to the front door of the White House.  It won’t work, sorry, thanks for coming out.’

It never ceases to amaze me that the only ones who seem to have guts or courage in the Democratic party seem to be the women.  Many of the men come off as gutless wonders and you ask yourself why are we always apologizing for what we believe in?  Sorry I believe in a woman’s right to choose? sorry?  Bite me its in the constitution, if you don’t like go live in Italy or somewhere else.  Sorry I believe in equal pay for women and we should try… Hold on there idiot, again, it is in the constitution, and as for ‘trying’ we should be leveling fines left and right on every fortune 500 company (or any other) that doesn’t comply, and quit, for the love of all that is Holy, quit saying sorry.

Speaking of ‘Sorry’ that does seem to be a problem for HRC.  What was the quote that was found in those hacked emails?  “Apologies seem to be her Achilles heel.” one staffer wrote.  It seems that Hillary has a problem with saying ‘Sorry’, a problem admitting that maybe, kinda, in a weird sort of way, she might have done something that wasn’t totally correct, but it probably wasn’t her fault.  Now there is a quaint old line out of a John Wayne file I think, that says “Never apologize, it is a sign of weakness.”  First that is just crap and crap and more crap.  Recognizing you made an error, admitting it, and working to correct it is a sign of strength.   So that whole case for not apologizing is stupid.  It is even move stupid when it is a woman trying to emulate some idiot guys version of what a 18th century man’s man would do, so that makes it really stupid.  If there seems to be some duality here, one minute I complain about apologies and then next I’m screaming they should be apologizing, life is full of duality get used to it.  Apologize when you screwed up, don’t apologize for what you believe in.  Not being able to apologize seems to be a terrible quality for a leader in America, we as a country have a history of screwing up, sometimes it is doing the wrong thing for the right reason, sometimes we just screw it up, we are human.  Not being able to apologize seems like a trait that would be bad for someone like a Presidential Candidate or as we can currently see with President Trump, it is a bad trait for a President.

So I am amazed when apparently no one has set down Hillary and said ‘there are just too many scandals’, no one has said ‘you are a respected member of the party, you have made many great achievements, but this will not be one of them’.  However the DNC Deputy Dogg also failed in his/her task in talking with Hillary Clinton. There was no way that her campaign would survive the onslaught of scandals, the newer scandals were enough that the Republicans did not even need to resurrect the Whitewater or suicide scandal (though I believe some political flyers and websites made reference to it).  Hell with the number of times Hillary has run I am sure she has had this talk with dozens of democrats, all saying the same thing.  I suspect that if that conversation has occurred that Hillary has been told so many times that she ‘cannot do this’ and has done it, it is probably just a knee jerk reaction to shrug it off and say ‘watch me do this’.  And for that if nothing else she has my respect.

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hillarymarley - CopyNow that we failed to have the discussion that Hillary is bound and chained to scandals so much so that to the average voter she looks like an election version of Marley’s ghost in Scrooge.  If they had the discussion, well she didn’t listen and the DNC didn’t have the guts to say they were going to support other candidates.

So, now here we are nearing the Democrats Convention.  Hillary has just narrowly secured the nomination right before the convention.   Except that is not true is it.  Instead Hillary announce that she had 55 Super Delegates already.

You remember right around the time that Hillary was in the primary fight against Barack Obama.  There was a wee bit of a hullabaloo about delegates then.  Seems that even if you won the delegate in a primary, even if you earned that delegate fair and square, even if you fought like hell and that was your damn delegate, that did not matter.  Because some of Hillary’s delegates that she had won in the primaries had not so privately mentioned that even though their district went for Hillary they were going to vote for Obama.  They were told emphatically ‘you can’t do that’ and they said loudly “YES WE CAN” (Obligatory Obama tag line).  Turns out they could and did.

And then I went and looked and wow, 15% of the delegates at the convention are ‘Super Delegates’ they are party favorites, high ranking party members, or what I call ‘party hacks’ who can vote for whoever they feel like.  They can vote for whomever they think  would best represent the party, or vote for whoever would be best for the nation, or vote for whoever gave them the best deal in money, position, power, or real estate.  (how the hell do I know who or why they vote, don’t tell me you weren’t thinking it too.) Now don’t get me wrong, the RNC has the same thing but the Democrats have gone way overboard with this, I mean fifteen percent?   So if you have a close race like Clinton versus Sanders, and Clinton comes in with 41% of the delegates and Sanders comes in with 44%, it is very possible that Clinton hits the podium with 56% of the delegates and by the way, screw the people we like her better than him.  (Pssst Democrats if you really want to claim you are the party of the people, then you might want to start acting like it).

So a number of the Super Delegates let slip early that they would be going for Hillary, which pushed a few more people toward Hillary instead of Sanders.  Then the convention happened.  Now remember, Wikileaks released the hacked emails on July 22, the convention started on July 25, 2016.  The FBI had already started its investigation into Trump and friends.  It was very possible that high ranking Democrats like Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi were already aware of Russian active measures underway.   At this point Hillary (without the super delegates) had just secured the nomination right before convention.  The democrat voters were nearly split straight down the middle between Hillary and Bernie.  What was needed was a little ‘healing’ and ‘hug it out’, take a few of those 15% of party hacks, Hillary, and Bernie and lock them into a room until everyone can play nice and come out with a united front.  Instead we got Sarah Silverman telling the ‘Bernie or Bust’ crowd “You are being Ridiculous!”.  This was just one more Gut shot for the Bernie crowd.

The fight between Hillary and Bernie had never been a fight to follow the Marquis of Queensberry rules, it got dirty and evil at times.  Now the Bernie supporters were reading emails, not false facts, not fake news active measure pages, they were reading true to life emails that people resigned over or were fired because of the content.  The Bernie supports saw the support that the DNC had ladled over Hillary and worked against Bernie.  Having Bernie say “I support Hillary” and having a few High level Bernie Staff members ‘speak highly of the support they got from the DNC’ wasn’t even close to the band-aid that the Bernie supporters needed.

There is an amazing amount of crossover between Bernie supporters and Trump supporters.  Bernie Sanders may have been a Senator in Washington for ten years but he does not talk like Washington.  Truth is he talks and acts like a Washington outsider, which it has to help that everyone thinks of or calls him a socialist.  This puts Sanders and Trump both squarely in the the ‘Washington outsider’ column.  After that it is the way they speak.  Donald Trump speaks off prompter, sounding like my great grandfather talking about the good old days of 1800s.  Trump promises to bring back jobs that no sane person believes is going to happen.  Trump promises to healthcare for everyone, free healthcare, the best healthcare in the world, which we all know is impossible.  But when Trump speaks this way his voice drips of sincerity (how I don’t know, but he believes it).  When Bernie Sanders speaks of bringing in a single payer system to give everyone healthcare and let the taxes of the 1% of the rich pay for it, you can feel the sincerity in his voice.  There is a huge amount of crossover between these two groups, the Democrats knew it, the DNC knew it, and they knew they had to deal with it.

What was needed was a quiet discussion, a few kind words between Clinton and Sanders, a working plan from the DNC, and a way to heal the democrat voters.  A simple plan was a Clinton/Sanders ticket but that was never going to happen, as we have said, these were big boys and girls, and like DJT says “Winning is never having to say you are sorry.”  So instead the Democrats gave the Bernie supports a nice shot in the Gut and sent about half of them running to the Trump Train to get drunk and consoled.   Yeah I know, hindsight is 20/20 but again most of this is based on the fact that everyone, EVERYONE, said Donald J. Trump had no chance, NO CHANCE, to ever be elected President.  Hell George Clooney said it on National Television, that made it official right?

The Voters:  or Homer’s Iliad, Odysseus, Scylla, and Charybdis.

The voters do not have any requirements.  They aren’t required to be thoughtful or to consider their candidates plans.  It would be nice, but I remember back when I had a paper route back in the late sixties/early seventies.  There was one lady with a living room full of John Fitzgerald Kennedy memorabilia, including a bust of JFK right by the door (JFK had been dead a few years by then).  I remember she told me that she voted for him, he was so handsome, and you just had to vote for someone with that hair.  I agreed of course, she tipped well, and walked away wondering what in hell was wrong with some people.

You see the voters did their job, they voted their conscience.  They voted for who they thought would be best for the country.  For all you people blaming people like me for doing a write in and not voting for Hillary, Trump carried my state by 57.2%, Hillary got 37.9%, everyone else added together (including my one write in) pulled around 5%.  So even if every single one of us followed along and voted for Hillary then Trump would have still gotten this state.

Now it would be nice if some of us didn’t believe the barrage of lies in the campaign ads on TV.  Hell it would be even nicer still if we went back to when you actually had to tell the truth on TV or get fined, oh but that got deregulated.  It would be nice if we didn’t get an onslaught of mail and email with lie after lie from either side.  But we do get those idiot emails and flyers.  It would be nice if fake stories didn’t show up on websites and Facebook but damn, they are there as well.

It would be really nice for people to realize that if it sounds too good to be true well dammit then it is too good to be true.  The truth is we voters want to believe, we really want to believe.  We want to believe Hillary can and will do what she says, we really really want to believe John McCain will do what he says, we want to believe that Bernie Sanders can and will do what he says, and dammit we want to believe that Barack Obama will do what he says.   And yes, dammit yes, a lot of voters want to believe that Trump will do what he said.

I would really like to hear the truth from a presidential candidate for a few months. I would like to hear that candidate say things like “I can’t promise you any legislation, if I promise you healthcare I am promising that I can get 250 members of the house and 60 senators to agree with me, and by the time the House of Representatives and the Senate get done with that Healthcare Bill it will look nothing like the one I promised you, you wont even be able to recognize it.  Nobody in his right mind could make that promise, so go ask my opponent how he can promise that.”  But that won’t happen.

I would like to hear a Presidential candidate say “What legislation?  The President doesn’t make laws.  I run the country, ask me about foreign policy or trade negotiations and I can answer but legislation, talk to congress.  Abortion? Guns?  As President I swear to defend the Constitution, if it comes across my desk and violates the constitution I veto it.”  But that won’t happen

During the Presidential campaign between John McCain and Barack Obama, John McCain defended Barack Obama.   John McCain answered questions because voters were afraid of Barack Obama, they had been given a lot of propaganda about him being Muslim and Arabic and not being born in America.  McCain said “He (Obama) is a decent person and a person you do not have to be scared of.”  later when a woman stated that Obama was an Arab, McCain took the microphone from her and said “He (Obama) is a decent, Family man, citizen, that I, we just happen to have some disagreements on some fundamental issues.”   That is an honorable man, that is an honorable politician.  That is a man I have voted for in every presidential primary he has run for President in.

John McCain lost that Presidential race, maybe he regrets being honorable at that time, but I doubt it, I cannot believe it.  John McCain is a war hero, who has dedicated his life to public service.  John McCain got into a plane and flew it into enemy fire.  He was shot down and captured and spent years in a prisoner of war camp.  If that had been me, when I got home I would have stayed drunk until my liver killed me.  But John McCain instead began a new chapter in his life by further serving his country as a civil servant.

Donald trump attacked John McCain and his service record.

“He’s not a war hero,” said Trump. “He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

It’s amazing that Trump was not sent scurrying down the road by the backlash from that comment.  Many of our representatives did speak out in support of John McCain saying “John McCain is a war hero.”  However, very few of them condemned Trump for what he said.  With one side of their face they said “Hero”, with the other side they said “no comment”.     These are the people we have in the House and Senate now.  You do not speak of honor or courage or respect when you speak of them.  I laugh every time I hear on the news that if Congress subpoenas information from someone and they refuse that person could go to jail for ‘Contempt of Congress’.  Right now I am pretty sure that about 85% of the population if guilty of ‘Contempt of Congress’.

So it comes as no surprise when Trump mentions in his speeches about keeping Muslims out you did not see a mass of our representatives of either party stand up and say “Um that’s against the first amendment”.   When Trump mentioned building a wall you did not see anyone standing up in Washington saying “tens of billions of dollars for a wall across the Rio grande, and when they bring ladders we spend more billions?”  What I am saying here is that there are not a lot of honorable people left in Washington willing to stand up and put it on the line for America and the American people.  That is pretty apparent when you look at the first 90 days of the Trump administration.

The voters are looking for someone to put their trust in.  That person doesn’t have to be perfect, it can be an Odysseus if you like, a rogue, a trickster, a fighter and a scoundrel but he had a human side, he had feelings for his men and for his wife.   But we need you people in the media, in the RNC, in the DNC, and currently in office to help us separate the wheat from the chaff.   But you aren’t giving us Odysseus or even a pale imitation, you are giving us Scylla and Charybdis as our choices.  If you remember the story you have to guide your vessel, staying in the middle between the two monsters Scylla and Charybdis.  What most people don’t realize or remember there was always a choice to stay where you were or return the way you came.  When you give us a choice between Scylla and Charybdis with no Odysseus around, then don’t be surprised when one of the monsters wins.

People scream that Hillary won the popular vote, that she is really the president.  Sorry folks but don’t be idiots.  90 million voters stayed home and voted ‘none of the above’.  Many say that if they didn’t vote they have no right to a voice but I disagree.  We have talked of the ‘silent majority’ since the Nixon era.   There is a old Chinese proverb that says: To take no action is an action.  We get roughly the same number of people, give or take a few million, to vote each Presidential election.

ScreenShot_20170420131538The Popular vote was pretty clear: they stayed home and said “I will not dignify this with a response.”   Maybe if you give us better choices then we will elect better candidates.

 So Who To Blame?

Well so far we have blamed Obama, the Intelligence Community, the FBI, The Gang of Eight, Donald Trump, the GOP, the Republicans, The RNC, The Democrats, The DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Russians, the Media, and the Voters.  And let us not forget to blame Hillary, Podesta, and all of the democrats and election staff for running a completely horrible campaign that was always playing ‘catch up’ to Trump.  My long drawn out point is that there is plenty of blame to go around and pointing fingers is a useless exercise unless your fingers are really out of shape.  What we need to do is pull together and quit blaming everyone else.

So instead of pointing a finger at someone and saying “it is your fault”, instead how about reach out to everyone and say “We can fix this, we can do this together.”

ScreenShot_20170416043345 - CopyCommentary and opinion, my opinion and no one elses, nobody else would want it.. Vetus Tristus