Damn we are smart, and we’re good looking too.

3898-family-beach-sunset - CopyWe are so smart.  We are damn smart, and beautiful, everyone knows we are the beautiful people.  So we are so smart and beautiful and wonderful.  We are elite, hell we are elite in our elitism.  We know we are better than they are.

What was it I read about the Trump rally, oh that was it, 6,000 people, 36,000 teeth.  Yep that is how we generally describe them, the inbred hillbilly type.  The skinhead and all that they portray.  The Ku Klax Klan, and are you marrying your cousin while you are dating your sister?

Yeah, that is who we are.  I quit watching Bill Mayer a long time ago because, well he all too often refers to the center of the United States as ‘idiot land’.  I mean if you don’t live in New York or California then well hell, you’re just stupid.  And that is the way we treat Trump voters, the haters, the racists, etc.  mirror-fashion-woman-makeup-face-beauty-reflect - Copy Except if you are looking for a little hate, just glance in the mirror for a bit.

First off, yes we are so smart and intelligent that we lost.  Oh and when you bring out that popular vote crap that’s all fine and dandy except for two minor little facts.  The first fact is that we all know the rules of the elections, we all know how elections work.  This isn’t the first time the republicans have won the election and lost the popular vote.  The second fact is the real popular vote is simple, 90 million people stayed home and said ‘I’m not to going to dignify this bullshit with a response.’  Oh they didn’t vote so they don’t get a voice, except there is an old Chinese proverb that says to take no action is an action.  Their ‘action’ was to say that neither of the candidates was good enough to get them to get out and vote.

Now lets talk about who votes republican.  What was it, that movie said, three things cops never do; they don’t drive Cadillac’s, they don’t vote Democrat, and they don’t use personal vehicles.  You might as well add anyone who believes in a ‘tough on crime’ approach to the republicans, cops, correctional officers, and federal officers in general.  Matter of fact that whole tough on approach should probably include the military as many who believe that we need tough military vote Republican.   So all that ‘I’m a leftist but I support our troops’, well, unless you voted for Trump then you suck.  My son in law is a republican (yeah I know) and he has stated it multiple times that he doesn’t believe that if the candidate did not serve in the military they should not be considered for office of President of the United States.

Now lets talk about the pro life crowd because they usually vote Republican as well.  Obviously heavily religious, and while some of these types are the nut bag fanatic racist type like the ‘Klu Klux Klan’ or the homegrown terrorist ‘I will save an unborn life by blowing up the building where a medical clinic resides that might allow abortions and possibly killing dozens of people.’  Agreed some Christians have gone about the bend a bit.  mother-theresa-beautiful-soul - CopyHowever religion spans all sectors of our life, from the ghetto or barrio to the heavily Jewish or Catholic communities.  Religion is something as well that spans all levels of education, from your imaginary 4 tooth inbred knuckle dragger, to teachers, lawyers, scientists, and community leaders.

Yes teachers, and lawyers and community leaders voted for Trump.  Mechanics voted for Trump and Engineers voted for Trump.  Professors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and Scientists voted for Trump.  Voters cast a wide range across ethnic, income, and educational boundaries.  So constantly referring to Trump voters as the stereotypical hillbilly with less education than teeth does you no good, and is insulting to your neighbor who voted for Trump.  And if you want to add in a little racism, hate, and elitism on your part, well that is there as well.

constitutionEveryone who voted in the Election did the same thing, they walked up to those voting machines and voted their conscience, their opinion, they exercised their rights by and for our country.

Everyone wants to believe in something.  Everyone has a favorite story, or a favorite sports player or whatever that they want to believe in.  A lot of people wanted to believe in Trump.  Why would someone who already had money want to be President, he is listed as a billionaire (though that may be doubtful) so why would he want the job?  It cant be the salary right.  It cant be to get the networking and political corruption to make millions, because he already has that?  So why, if not to do some ‘good’, if not to set things ‘right’ then why would someone who already had money and power want to be President?

Except some people do not believe that there is ever enough money and power, they can never get enough money and power.  Yes Trump might be worth millions or even billions, but through the power of his Presidency he could convert that to billions upon billions of dollars and increase his brand.  When your child figures out that you have been telling a few fibs about the Easter bunny, tooth fairy and Santa Clause what did you say?  Did you tell them that Santa Clause is really the spirit of Christmas that is inside all of us?  Did you smile and hug your child tight when that movie told them that there is a little bit of good in everyone, and everyone has redeemable qualities.

Except we as adults know that the Spirit of Christmas doesn’t reside in everyone, and we know all to many people who show the world little that could be considered ‘redeemable qualities’.  Everyone wants to believe in someone or something, even when they are shown that their beliefs are wrong they hold tightly to them.  It is not until someone takes their hand and treats them as a friend and helps them get over that, can they move on.  However, if that ‘friend’ constantly refers to them as ignorant inbred hillbilly responsible for the death of civilization, I’m not getting the whole bonding moment that helps them move on, actually I’m getting more of a beat the crap out of each other while I hear someone scream ‘CALL 911’ kind of moment here.

shadows-on-the-beach-1467030788eQa - Copy.jpgSo basically, you can either treat the other voters, the ones that voted for Trump, Sanders, Johnson, Stein, or Clinton like people, like a person.  Or you can keep showing that elitism, ‘I’m better than you’ bullshit you have been, that isn’t helping anyone.  Just remember though, when you talk about hate groups, and haters, remember to look in the mirror.

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Vetus Tristus


So I guess I should vote Republican?


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It is a damn shame.  I sit here looking at the wanton destruction of my country.  I see the GOP and Republicans of every flavor from moderate conservative to the bat shit crazy republicans that the GOP tries to hide from the media.  None of them are doing anything to stop this, instead they are riding the wave, passing whatever legislation they can under the cover of Trumps misdirection.  I told myself I would never vote for another Republican, never again after seeing their failures in protecting the country from Trump.   However it seems that I have been told by Democrats to ‘STFU’ to use the acronym.

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